To be happy an Armenian must live in Armenia, speak Armenian and keep the following moral rules:

    A real Armenian girl, woman, should carefully follow the following moral laws:
1. The woman is sacred, if she has only one man.
2. If a woman has relationship with two men, she will not stand before the third one.
3. If a moral woman has a child from a man, than she always remains his wife until she or her husband dies, regardless of the documents signed and issued by state, religious or other organizations.
4. If a married woman has a relationship with other man, she is immoral.
5. If a married woman makes friendly relationship with another man, sooner or later it ends in the sexual relations.
6. If an Armenian woman has sexual relationship with a foreigner, than she is immoral even if she marries that man.
7. The Armenian wife should respect and obey her husband. Otherwise, one day she will definitely betray her husband.
8. A woman divorced by its will, is potentially immoral.

    A real Armenian man should carefully follow the following moral laws:
1. A worthless father and husband is the man who is lazy and does not devote all his physical and mental abilities to improve his family's financial situation.
2. Villain is the guy who courts the girl without the purpose of getting married.
3. Immoral is the man who courts someone else's wife.
4. It is immoral for married man to court another woman.
5. A moral man has no right to divorce a woman if she meets the moral standards set out above. Documents sealed by state or religious institutions can not be the basis for divorce.
6. Immoral is the man who abandons his child even if he is divorced from his wife, and if the divorced woman does not meet the moral standards , the man should take the child from her.
7. The man whose wife does not comply with the moral norms mentioned above, even if he does not understand it, and what is more, if he knows and accepts the situation, he is also immoral.
8. The man whose daughter or sister do not comply with the moral norms and he agrees with that fact by accepting her as a sister or a girl, is also immoral.
9. "Son of a bitch" is the boy whose mother does not comply with moral norms, and he agrees with it.
10. If a married man betrays his wife, let him know that his own wife is likely to betray him, and thus, he encourage her immorality.
11. A moral man should respect women who are in line with the moral standards mentioned above.

These laws do not have specific cases. They are right, either individually or all together.

The person who will remove this page after my death will be accursed.
Eduard Manukyan 
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